About Us
Safely discover or share what's really happening in your local community or around the world.

It is TuVozNow's mission to deliver a secure and private multimedia communications platform designed to support the Latino community, enabling our users to share their truth with communities around the globe.

Our Story

TuVozNow was founded in 2020, when founder and CEO Melvin Montoya conducted research that determined Latinos felt underrepresented and misrepresented in the social media landscape. Wanting to provide a louder voice to the global Latino community, he gathered a team to build and deliver an app that addressed the community’s core concerns toward using social media:

  • Safety: TuVozNow believes that users should be in control of what they share with the world, which is why we are committed to never selling personal information. We also believe that truth is important, which is why we built the ability for our users to post anonymously on our video sharing feature to protect our users.
  • Affordability: TuVozNow recognizes that many people cannot afford to buy the latest mobile device. We built our app with the ability to work on any iOS or Android smartphone. Our base app will remain free to use around the world.
  • Ease of Use: TuVozNow believes complicated technology limits the user experience for many. We built an app designed to be clean looking and simple to use for everyone from their very first use.
Our Vision

With uncertainty in privacy amongst the most common social media platform that include breaches in security, sharing/selling of user information (Big Data), and use of cookies and tracking as methods to determine locations of users for content based on location and common searches they've made, it is our vision to offer a different model of integrated social media and communications platform that is focused on end-user security and safety in mind. Knowing the concerns of not only the Latino community, but globally when it comes to concerns of security, TuVozNow aims to rebuild that trust by reshaping the way social media and live streaming of events is done through eliminating speciifc user data collection and security risks naturally, while implementing end-user encryption to ensure secure access to our platform regardless of country.