Coming Late 2023

  • At TuVozNow we are building a powerful social sharing platform that enables our users to safely and securely communicate with the world at the touch of one button. The global issue that we have recognized is the majority of Latinos feel underrepresented in the online community. Latinos are effectively excluded or sidelined from much of American media.
  • With this in mind, we offer a multimedia communications platform developed to amplify the voice of the Latino community, enabling our users to feel safe sharing their truth with the world and is open to all users. We do this by providing a social platform that is robust in features and non-intrusive to the user’s privacy. We will offer web, iOS and Android applications. We are committed to the user’s privacy and security. This will enable users to safely share and communicate online. It will also differentiate us from established competitors. We do NOT, and will NOT, sell user information.
  • Check back in the coming months for updates!
  • The TuVozNow Team